This cure allows to return to the fundamental and at the origin of the care thanks to the benefactions of the sea water. 

Get back into shape’ cure

To relax, I find my vitality!

Cure 4 days 16 treatments.

Find the vitality your body needs while enjoying the benefits of the marine environment. The perfect balance between thalassotherapy treatments and oxygenating and energizing marches.

Well being 4 days

Relax, feel good about yourself. 

Cure 4 days 16 treatments.

Leave stress and fatigue aside. Our thalassotherapy treatments and our daily massages will bring you relaxation and comfort to start over with a full energy boost.

Beauty 4 days

To relax, I find my vitality!

Cure 4 days 16 treatments.

Ideal to discover thalassotherapy and its benefits. This program combines relaxation, remineralising and beauty care.

Cure Boost et éclat marin 4 days

Revitalise and boost your energy. 

16 treatments over 4 days


The stress of everyday life impacts our body and mind and the skin loses its radiance...

This cure alternates energising and revitalising treatments and reboosts your energy.

Parenthèse mer, sérénité et énergie

Toute la force des éléments marins et les bienfaits du massage vous
accompagnent dans cette cure. Se ressourcer, se recharger, se réminéraliser et
rebooster son organisme tels sont les besoins dont notre corps à besoin.