For a weekend or a relaxing mid-week, take advantage of our facilities to discover all our treatments. 

Enjoy a thalasso weekend for 2 people to give your short stays a scent of well-being.

Essential by Prévithal

Cure 2 days 6 treatments

Return to the fundamental and at the origin of the care of thalassotherapy thanks to the seawater and to its benefactions.

Cold Cream Cure

 Cold Cream Cure 5 treatments over 2 days. 


Awakening of the senses

Cure 2 days 5 treatments. 


Short stay 'Well being' cure

Cure 2 days 8 treatments. 

It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a break in Normandy surrounded by nature and sea. Leave stress and fatigue aside thanks to this 2 days cure. 

Short stay woman cure

Cure 2 days 8 treatments. 

Enjoy this cure specially designed for women, to relax and take care of yourself. 

Short stay Evasion marine

Cure 2 days 6 treatments. 

Discover the benefits of the marine environment in thalassotherapy.

Arctic Wonder Stopover

Cure 2 days 6 treatments. 

Benefits: Scandinavian-inspired ritual, deep relaxation, tensions released, relaxed body. 

Escale indoceane cure

Cure 2 days 7 treatments. 

The benefits: Soothed mind, serenity, relaxed body. 

Escale Spirit of Polynesia

Cure 2 days 6 treatments.

Escape the rhythm of Polynesian traditions to relax your body and sublimate your skin.


Stopover prodigy of the oceans

Cure 2 days 5 treatments.

Supreme experience of beauty and letting go. An exceptional ritual offering ultimate regeneration for a global youth and deep relaxation.

Escale Teenager (13-17 years old)

Cure 2 days 8 treatments.


Short stay Atlantic gems

Cure 2 days 6 treatments.

This cure will energize, revitalise, energise and relax your body.