Treat yourself to a getaway break and indulge in some serious pampering at the Mont-Saint-Michel bay  facing the Chausey Islands. Hotel comfort and services, refined cuisine, Spa, hydrotherapy and beauty treatments, a marine setting looking out over the sea ... We have put your well being at the centre of all our thinking.

Escale Marine Evasion

Cure 1 day 3 treatments.


Escale by Previthal

Cure 1 day 3 treatments. 

Well being cure

  Cure 1 day 4 treatments. 

Awakening of the senses

Cure 1 day 2 treatments

Escale Teenager (13-17 years old)

Cure 1 day 3 treatments

Short stay woman cure

Cure 1 day 4 treatments

Cold Cream Cure

Cure 1 day 2 treatments. 

This nourishing treatment, dedicated to dry to very dry skin, transports you to the heart of the Cold Cream Marine universe, thanks to its High Nutrition Body Wrap and Massage. Comforted and re-lipidated, the skin is adorned with infinite softness and a velvety touch.


Arctic Wonder Stopover

Cure 1 day 3 treatments. 

Benefits: Scandinavian-inspired ritual, deep relaxation, tensions released, relaxed body.


Escale indoceane cure

Cure 1 day 3 treatments. 

The benefits: Soothed mind, serenity, relaxed body. 


Escale Spirit of Polynesia

Cure 1 day 3 treatments.

Escape the rhythm of Polynesian traditions to relax your body and sublimate your skin.

 Evadez-vous, le temps d’un rituel, sur les îles paradisiaques du Pacifique et découvrez d’escale en escale, les richesses inestimables de la Polynésie : Atolls sauvages d’exception aux paysages idylliques, rituels ancestraux, faunes marines protégées. Une sensation de détente et d’évasion vous envahit.

Pour toutes les personnes stressées ayant besoin de se couper du quotidien.

Stopover prodigy of the oceans

Cure 1 day 2 treatments.

Supreme experience of beauty and letting go. An exceptional ritual offering ultimate regeneration for a global youth and deep relaxation.

Vivez l’Expérience Soin Suprême où innovation et technicité s’unissent avec luxe et émotion.

Expérience suprême de Beauté et de lâcher prise, ce Rituel d’exception offre une régénération ultime pour une jeunesse globale et une relaxation profonde.

Atlantic jewelry Ritual

Cure 1 day 3 treatments

This cure will energize, revitalise, energise, and relax your body.