You will find the main part of benefits in these programs for a maximum of relaxation. We developed various possible programs to fight against the fatigue and the stress to make the full of life.

Get back into shape’ cure

To relax, I find my vitality!

Give your body the vitality and enjoy the benefits of the marine environment. Perfect balance between thalassotherapy treatments and oxygenating and energizing marches.

‘Well being’ cure

Relax, feel good about yourself

Leave stress and fatigue aside. Our thalassotherapy treatments and our daily massages, will bring you relaxation and relaxation for a recovery all in energy.

‘Ecole du dos®’ (spinal rehabilitation) cure

Prevent and relieve pain permanently, preserve your back

Do not let back pain, preserve your health, for a well-being every day, learn in a few days good reflexes, take care of your back and prevent back pain, this is the principle of the back school proposed at Prévithal.

After a muscular assessment, our physiotherapist guides you in the gestures and postures to adopt daily. Our dietician and a coach advise you throughout the week.

This cure is limited to 6 people per week for a more personalized accompaniment.


Muscle building, balance, flexibility, vitality

Need muscle building, improve the range of your actions ... The hydrotherapy and algotherapy care, you will lift the muscular blockages and you will gradually find the full range of your movements in a relaxed atmosphere.

Journey of the senses

Escape, need relaxation

Give your body and your mind, a unique experience to the liking of heavenly scents by combining thalassotherapy treatments and the zen universe of Spa, you will come back from these trips (Bali, India, Polynesia ...) soothed and rejuvenated.

Marine silhouette

Slim, feel good in your body, find a silhouette

Small curves or cellulite, are sneakily installed. Our team of professionals puts at the service of your body their expertise to refine your silhouette.

Algotherapy, hydrotherapy treatments, techniques and physical activities will focus on sculpting your body. Our dietician through a personalized nutritional assessment will allow you to leave with food advice tailor-made for a sustainable balance.

B Attitude

Our natural heritage takes care of our body

B like: Marine mud, Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, Balneotherapy, Well-being, Seaside, Bol d'air .... This treatment is based on marine mud rich in trace elements that is extracted from the seabed of the Chausey Islands.

Applied hot it can remineralize the body, treat rheumatism, joint pain. Applied cold, it treats oedemas and circulatory problems.

In the continuity of your care, the B Attitude cure includes a guided crossing * of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel in direct contact with the mud.

Oceans Vitality cure

To relax, I find my vitality!

Ideal to discover thalassotherapy and its benefits. This program combines relaxation, remineralising and beauty care. 

My ideal

20 treatments over 6 days. 

This cure gives you the freedom to choose all your treatments according to your desires for your pleasure and your greater well-being.