For a weekend or a relaxing mid-week, take advantage of our facilities to discover all our treatments. 

Enjoy a thalasso weekend for 2 people to give your short stays a scent of well-being.

Essential By Prévithal

Return to the fundamental and at the origin of the care of thalassotherapy thanks to the sea water and to its benefactions.

A cure in an affordable price all year round. Only in the week (sunday or monday arrival).

Short stay Get back into shape

Give your body the vitality and enjoy the benefits of the marine environment.

Marine space is included.


Awakening of the senses

- 2 relaxing massage 20 mn,

- 2 facial digito pressure 20 mn

 + Access to the marine area is included

Short stay Well being

•2 treatments algotherapy sessions to include seaweed or marine mud applications and seaweed or marine mud baths
•2 treatments hydrotherapy treatments to include a hydro massage bath, foot spa, affusion shower and jet shower
•2 treatments affusion shower or relaxing massage

Short stay wife


- 1 aquatic thalgo® scrub 20mn


- 1 milk bath thalgo® 20 mn,


- 2 cotton wrap 20 mn


- 1 californian massage 50 mn


- 1 anti aging facial 60 mn




+ access to the marine area is included


Court séjour Evasion marine

- 2 complete wrap of seaweed

- 2 hydrotharapy treatement from : massage bath or hydrojet

+ Access to the marine area.

Arctic Wonder Stopover

- 2 marine immersion with effervescent bath crystals,
- 1 scrub with salt flakes,

- 1 body Wrap cotton
- 2 pure massage relaxation 50mn.

+ Access to the marine area is included.

Escale indoceane

- 1 scrub salty sweet body,

- 1 body wrap cotton
- 2 bath with precious milk,
- 2 massage voluptuous indocéane oil, subliminal wrap sacred lotus of China 50mn.

Access to the marine area is included.

Escale Spirit of Polynesia

Escape the rhythm of Polynesian traditions to relax your body and sublimate your skin.


Stopover prodigy of the oceans

Supreme experience of beauty and letting go. An exceptional ritual offering ultimate regeneration for a global youth and deep relaxation.

Teenager Short stay

8 treatments over 2 days

- 1 japanese digito facial massage

- 1 facial massage

- 2 hydrojets

- 1 cotton wrap

- 1 affusion shower

- 2 hydromassage baths

+ acces to the marine area

Atlantic gems

6 treatments over 2 days