Our beautiful beaches

The most beautiful beaches of our Destination!



Jullouville is a popular seaside resort designed by Armand Jullou in the 19th century. With its large sandy beach, joining that of Carolles, it is an ideal place to enjoy with the little ones, as well as for the adults! 

You will find on the spot small places to eat, eat ice creams, and enjoy a beautiful sunny day! 




This family seaside resort offers a long white sandy beach, enhanced at its end by cliffs covered with broom and gorse. The cliffs are visible until the beach of Champeaux and reach up to 90 meters high: they are the highest in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.




On the beach, no need to wait for the high tide to enjoy a little swim, a seawater pool is at your feet to take a dip after a snack on the beach! It is here that the “Thar” flows. Saint-Pair is a destination with a very rich biodiversity. Indeed, during the periods of migration of the birds, you will be able to spend hours to observe this diversity of species… 

Saint-Pair is also known for its more perilous activities like surfing!




Named “the most beautiful kilometer of France”, Champeaux offers one of the most beautiful views on the Wonder of Mont-Saint-Michel. The “Sol Roc” beach is sheltered by cliffs, accessible by foot by a small path that leads to a breathtaking view. 




It is here that the Havre de la Vanlée is located. It is also one of the eight harbors of the west coast of the Manche department, thus composing the Côté des Havres. This site is classified “Natural heritage” for the salt meadows sheep and a hundred different species of birds. 

At the time of the tides, when the coefficient is higher than 93, the submersible road disappears under the sea. 

Don’t hesitate to come and admire this magnificent scenery at sunset to engrave a colorful souvenir! 


Saint-Martin de Bréhal 


It is a small seaside resort which is part of the commune of Bréhal. With its long beach, it is one of the favorite places for picnics to share with family or friends. In the summer, the commune is very popular and dynamic, with its summer market and concerts, which makes the tourists happy! 




Bréville-sur-mer is one of the seven communes labeled “Heritage Village” of the Destination Granville Terre et Mer. You will also find a magnificent golf course for amateurs, and people wishing to learn, during your visit to Prévithal! The only airfield in our region is just a stone’s throw from our thalassotherapy center. For horse lovers, young and old, will be happy to attend horse shows. 




This is where our thalassotherapy, hotel and marine spa Prévithal is located!

Donville les Bains begins with a long sandy beach with the presence of duneq and ends in the south by the dike of the Normandy Beach. It is easy to walk along it from our Thalasso center located in front of the beach. Donville les Bains is also characterized by its cliffs. For the more adventurous, you can easily fly over Donville-Les-Bains with a microlight or paragliding flight! 




For the history, the Plat Gousset took its name from the pocket found on the vests in which the walkers placed their purse or their gusset. This empty pocket, therefore flat, was the sign that it was impossible to enter the Casino where the entrance was paying at that time. 

You can choose to stroll along the big dike of Plat Gousset, eating an ice cream at Yver Glacier, or to stop on the beach for a swim! For the more vigorous, you can jump thanks to the diving board. Or you can approach it with more caution, by bad weather, the sea is unleashed and comes to fight against the low wall of the promenade which is very resistant! The waves offer a spectacle that allows you to measure the power of nature!

Seven beaches awarded the Blue Flag

We present you the 7 most widespread beaches of our Destination with an interesting environmental quality, for your afternoons relaxation and bathing: 


  • Saint-Pair-sur-Mer – Kairon-beach,
  • Granville – Beach of Plat Gousset, 
  • Jullouville – Beach of Casino, 
  • Coudeville-plage – Coudeville-plage,
  • Bréhal – Beach of Saint-Martin de Bréhal, 
  • Jullouville – Beach of the cale des Plaisanciers,
  • Carolles – Beach of Carolles (in front of the SNSM station). 


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