The must-sees around Granville

The Wonders of Normandy

Come and discover the cultural, historical and culinary wonders that Normandy has to offer all year round! 

The Mont-Saint-Michel

The Mont and its bay listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1979 – 45 min from Granville 

The Mont-Saint-Michel has the particularity to be located on a rocky island, surrounded by a magnificent bay, theater of the biggest tides of continental Europe. It represents one of the most visited sites in the world by you, tourists!

The tides of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, create violent currents which ensure the renewal of the sea water, its oxygenation and its richness in micro elements. They make Granville an ideal place to enjoy the virtues of thalassotherapy.

The Abbey of Lucerne

The Abbey was founded in 1143 and offers a unique medieval architecture, one of the few complete examples in France. For 50 years now, it has benefited from a remarkable preservation. 

You can contribute to the building of the Abbey of Lucerne 

Come and spend a day in the shoes of an apprentice to take part in the ongoing work that has been restoring the site for over 30 years! Take care of this heritage dating from the 12th century! 

The Chausey Islands

Granville’s island district

This maritime jewel is also the largest archipelago in Europe. It has 52 islets at high tide and 365 at low tide.

Pure water, permanent spectacle, paradisiacal sites, preserved and wild nature make these islands a destination not to be missed.

The autumn and spring lights reinforce the beauty of this place.

The most beautiful sunsets, quiet and feet in the water are on this island! 

Don’t miss this precious island during your visit to Previthal…

To get there, the Jolie France launches are there for your round trip crossing with the option of a guided tour of the archipelago. A boat trip in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is also possible.

The Havre of Vanlée

A natural and wild site 

Also called “Le Bout du Monde” (the end of the world), it is located north of Granville, in a natural and wild site where salt-meadow sheep are raised in complete freedom. A paradise for nature lovers. Nearly 150 species of birds have been counted there. 

During high tides, the sea completely covers the dunes, and the road becomes submersible. 

In the past, this closed natural maritime space allowed boats to take shelter from the wind. 

It is the ideal place for a stroll at sunset to dazzle your eyes, and leave your stay, stars in your eyes! 

The Lude Valley in Carolles

A great natural wealth, protected since 1973

Between two cliffs, the Vallée du Lude is a wild site of great natural wealth.

Along the GR 223, you can stop for a moment near the Vauban hut, a stone watchtower on the edge of the cliff, to discover the view of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and its rocky islet. 

Did you know ? 

The valley of the painters, located in Carolles, was named after the arrival of the Parisian painters at the end of the 19th century. 

One of the most famous French painter and engraver Jacques Simon lived in Carolles until the end of his life, in his studio in Carolles. 

Unleash your creativity 

Discover and gather lush plants, and unleash your creativity in a creative workshop accessible to all, with Virginie to awaken your senses. 

The Vauban Huts

There are two of them on our Destination. On the coastal path during a hike, you can stop for a moment near the Cabanes Vauban. They represent small stone watchtowers set on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.

The Channel Islands

They are called Jersey, Guernsey, Serq, Alderney or Herm and are located about thirty miles from Granville.

The Channel Islands are a group of islands located in the English Channel, west of the Cotentin Peninsula. Saint-Hélier, the capital of Jersey, is only thirty kilometers from the Normandy coast. 

They allow for immersive stopovers in English culture. Jersey, famous for its beaches, cliffside hiking trails, inland valleys and historic castles. Guernsey, land of exile of Victor Hugo, offers natural panoramas to amaze your eyes. Serq, Alderney and Herm, are the wildest and most peaceful islands, where nature reigns supreme. 

An experience to live if you are in Granville! 

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