Prévithal commitments

The Prévithal thalasso team is committed to sustainable development through an eco-responsible approach.

The commitments of the Prévithal team

By nature, the team at Thalasso et Spa Marin Prévithal – Hôtel de la Baie**** relies daily on the benefits of the sea to bring you well-being and tonus. Marine energies, currents, wind, minerals, trace elements… She knows how to draw on the full power of the elements to make your cures effective and help you recharge your batteries.

Working daily in this virtuous environment, each team member develops a connection with it. This awareness is inevitable. We must commit to a sustainable approach to preserving our planet. We are exploring every avenue, every possibility, to make our contribution, and we invite you to follow us in our commitment.

   NEW IN 2023 : Rental of electric-assist bicycles

Residents of the Hôtel de la Baie can now rent electrically-assisted bicycles (EABs) directly on site. All you need to do is ask at reception, where you’ll be given a bike and instructions on how to make the most of your ride.

Take a day trip and discover the coastline of the Baie de Granville-Chausey, from the havre de la Vanlée to the cliffs of Carolles.

Thalasso & Spa Marin is committed to

The team of therapists, practitioners and beauticians at Espace Thalasso carefully select the products used in your treatments. They come from natural and organic brands that are also committed to protecting the sea and its biodiversity.

  • Thalgo
  • Perlucine
  • ThalaSpa
  • Estime & Sens

L'Hôtel de la Baie**** is committed to

A number of initiatives have been put in place to help you limit the environmental impact of your stay at the Hôtel de la Baie:

  • UNISOAP partnership, second life for soaps: the soaps provided for you in your room are recycled. They are then distributed to the most underprivileged for essential access to hygiene.
  • Plastic-free: plastic water bottles are now replaced by returnable glass bottles. They come with a reusable cup that you can take with you to the thalasso to enjoy the herbal tea room.
    In-room waste sorting
  • LED lights replaced
  • Flip-flops made in France & recyclable: the sandals we provide for you to wear at the thalasso center have a limited carbon footprint. They are made in France and then recycled.
  • Organic or eco-labeled, recycled or recyclable cleaning products: your rooms are carefully cleaned and prepared using organic products.

Le Sound restaurant is commited to

The restaurant manager, chef and maitre d’ work together to forge numerous relationships with local partners. This is reflected in the quality of the dishes you’ll enjoy at Le Sound restaurant, facing the sea. All products are fresh and in season. They are supplied “raw”, so every preparation is homemade, except for the ice creams and sorbets.

  • Local producers
  • Products in season
  • Fresh produce
  • Optimum quantities
  • Reduced waste
  • Drinks menu featuring local and organic products

Jusqu’à -22% sur votre séjour
en juin et juillet !

Jusqu’au 14/06, réservez votre séjour de 2 nuits ou plus* par téléphone
et cumulez les avantages :

-15% sur vos nuits à l’Hôtel de la Baie ★
Surclassement offert en chambre vue partielle mer ★

Et offrez-vous un plaisir détente en ajoutant une formule thalasso en option

-25% sur votre formule 3 soins: massage, pluie marine et bain de mer hydromassant ★

*Offres accessibles uniquement en réservant avant le 14/06 par téléphone au 02 33 90 31 10.
Valables sur des séjours de 2 nuits minimum compris entre le 23/06/24 et le 01/08/2024 en chambre classique.
Remise de 15% uniquement sur le prix de la chambre hors petit-déjeuner ou autre prestation complémentaire.
Le surclassement en chambre vue partielle mer ne sera possible sous réserve de disponibilité.
La remise sur la formule de soins est ouverte exclusivement aux personnes ayant profité de la remise sur leur chambre d’hôtel.