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La Thalasso

Do you want to relax for a stay, a short stay or a weekend in a thalasso & spa and enjoy the benefits of seawater treatments and the invigorating climate of the Channel ? Located in Granville in Normandy, the Previthal thalasso & spa centre is the ideal place !

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Our Thalasso Prévithal

The Prévithal thalasso is a centre on a human scale which 24 treatment rooms with an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.
The caring and professional staff have only one aim : to offer you a break goal: to offer you a moment of well-being.
The centre has a hydrotherapy area dedicated to thalasso treatments (seaweed baths, wraps jet shower...) and a Spa area dedicated to beauty treatments treatments (massages, body and face treatments) associated with Thalgo® cosmetic products.
In the herbal tea room, you can drink organic herbal teas with Thalgo® seaweed to hydrate you.


Marine Mud

This mud comes from the natural heritage of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.

Collected off the coast of the Chausey Islands, far from any pollution, filtered and micronised, particularly rich in trace elements, it is applied hot or cold, remineralising the body, treating rheumatism, draining oedemas and encouraging venous return.


The benefits of thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy consists of providing treatments using 3 natural elements : sea water, mud and seaweed, and sea air.
It provides a good biological balance and it is quite natural for the body to recharge itself. The treatments, combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, act on health, sleep and stress for a lasting well-being.
Our physiotherapists and hydrotherapists will provide you with restorative or simply relaxing treatments, in a quest for overall well-being. 
Heated seawater allows the skin to absorb the minerals and trace elements that the body needs. It releases toxins, softens and strengthens muscles, improves and relieves joints. 
Seaweed and mud, taken directly from the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, are very rich in organic and mineral matter, mineral salts and vitamins. Applied in wraps, they remineralise the skin, eliminate toxins and relieve the joints.
The sea air and the benefits of the invigorating Channel winds. Rich in trace elements, the sea air encourages the dilation of capillaries and accelerates exchanges between the human body and the marine environment. In contact with it, a tired body naturally recharges itself with negative ions and replenishes its mineral salts. From the very first days, stress disappears and the body regains a maximum of energy. 


The tides in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, the strongest in Europe, create violent currents that ensure the renewal of the sea water, its oxygenation and its richness in micro elements. They make Granville an ideal site to enjoy the virtues of thalassotherapy. 


A Prévithal cure is a unique health and well-being experience and an opportunity to enjoy the marine climate, its coastline and the spectacle it offers to our eyes, alone, as a couple or as a family.

Preparing your stay

Your luggages
In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, we recommend :
• Sportswear for physical activities and for the use of the fitness room.
• Two swimming costumes. For hygiene reasons, swimming shorts are not allowed. We recommend that you avoid using new swimwear for treatments.
• A swimming cap is compulsory.
• Reading. Forget your tablet, computer and phone for a for a total disconnection !
• On the practical side, a medical certificate of no contraindication for stays of 4 days or more.
• Bag, bathrobe and flip-flops provided.


Cures of 2 days or more are scheduled in alternating half-days (morning / afternoon) starting the day after your arrival.
Remember to book your à la carte treatments (facials, modelling, slimming...) at least 15 days before your arrival to ensure maximum availability.
The durations indicated are the effective durations of the treatments, to which you must add your welcome and installation time.


Changes in the treatments in the cures
Aquagym classes or oxygenating walks can be replaced on request by an individual hydrotherapy or algotherapy treatment for an additional 15 per change or by relaxing massages (20 min) or affusion massages (20 min) for a supplement of €35 per change.
The treatments are available from 16 years old (except for the Escale Ado offered from 13 years old).
The sauna and the hammam are accessible from 16 years old. Children are under the responsibility of their parents.
Some treatments are not suitable for pregnant women. It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor to prevent any contraindication. A certificate of pregnancy follow-up and of no contraindication is compulsory. For any contraindication, please inform the thalasso reception desk before your visit.