Cold Cream Marine Body Ritual

Cold Cream Marine Body Ritual

50 mn

Cold Cream Marine Body Ritual 50 min and access to the marine area, sauna and hammam.



This nourishing treatment, dedicated to dry to very dry skin, transports you to the heart of the Cold Cream Marine universe, thanks to its High Nutrition Body Wrap and Massage. Comforted and re-lipidated, the skin is adorned with infinite softness and a velvety touch.
The skin is nourished and protected, the body is relaxed.


This Cold Cream Marine Body Ritual includes 2 treatments : 
- Full body wrap for dry and sensitive skin 10 min,
- Ultra-relaxing massage 40min.


Fully access to our Seawater wellness centre 
Facing the sea and completely lighted by the sun, our seawater wellness center has a pool heated at 32°C and 10 aquatic workshops (as rive walk, whirlpool bath, massage seats...). They all provide massage, relaxation, toning and relieve the joints and improve blood circulation.
Our sauna and steam room complete this relaxation area.
Recommended duration : 2 hours.


Bathrobe and towel provided. Sandals and swimming cap mandatory but not provided.


Our wellness tip : Think of doing a hammam before your treatments. This facilitates the dilation of the pores and allows a better assimilation of the trace elements and minerals present in our treatments.


Take your time and extend your Thalgo Cold cream marine body ritual by enjoying a lunch facing the sea at the Le Sound restaurant, which is certified as a Master Restaurateur.

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