Oyster shell scrub

Oyster shell scrub

20 mn

Oyster shell scrub 20 min and access to the marine area, sauna and hammam.



Scrub with marine crystals, lotus flower, oyster shells and marine scents.

The Perlucine scrub with white oyster shells refines the skin texture in a single step. The sea salts and oyster shells eliminate dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin to leave it perfectly soft, luminous and hydrated. After exfoliation, the skin is better able to absorb the moisturising and nourishing active ingredients contained in the care products.


Fully access to our Seawater wellness centre 
Facing the sea and completely lighted by the sun, our seawater wellness center has a pool heated at 32°C and 10 aquatic workshops (as rive walk, whirlpool bath, massage seats...). They all provide massage, relaxation, toning and relieve the joints and improve blood circulation.
Our sauna and steam room complete this relaxation area.
Recommended duration : 2 hours.


Bathrobe and towel provided. Sandals and swimming cap mandatory but not provided.


Our wellness tip : The gentle combination.

For even softer and more remineralized skin, combine a body wrap with a scrub.
Remember to do a hammam before the treatment. This facilitates the dilation of the pores and allows a better assimilation of the trace elements and minerals present in our treatments.

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